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Japanese, specifically Standard Japanese, is the official language of Japan and is also significantly used in Japanese communities around the world. It is spoken by over 125 million people, making it one of the major languages globally. Japanese is known for its complex writing system, which includes kanji (characters borrowed from Chinese), and two syllabaries: hiragana and katakana.

Japanese has a rich literary and cultural heritage, deeply influencing global pop culture through anime, manga, literature, and film. The language's structure includes unique grammatical features such as honorifics and particles, which play a crucial role in conveying politeness and context.

As a language isolate, Japanese does not have known linguistic relatives, which makes its study particularly intriguing. Its phonetic system is relatively simple, with a limited set of sounds, yet it possesses a high level of homophony, leading to an extensive use of context in communication.

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Comprehensible Input Resources[edit | edit source]

Japanese/Library Video_camera_icon_svg

Video[edit | edit source]

あかね的日本語教室 — Akane's Japanese Classroom Video_camera_icon_svg

Chie Nowa Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Comprehensible Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Daily Japanese with Naoko Video_camera_icon_svg

いろいろな日本語 — Iroirona Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese Immersion with Asami Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese Tomato Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese with Shun Video_camera_icon_svg

Kiraku Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Nihongo-Learning Video_camera_icon_svg

Onomappu Video_camera_icon_svg

Satou's Nihongo Playground Video_camera_icon_svg

Simple Japanese Listening with Meg-めぐ-Smile Video_camera_icon_svg

Text[edit | edit source]

DrDru's main experiment Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Learn Natively Graded Reader List Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Sakura Tadoku Lab Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Satori Reader Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Tadoku Free Books Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Yomujp Nihongo Tadoku Dojo Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Audio[edit | edit source]

Japanese with Shun

Learn Japanese with Noriko Video_camera_icon_svg

Nihongo con Teppei — Essential Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary in Use

Nihongo con Teppei — Japanese Podcast for beginners

Nihongo con Teppei — Intermediate Original Archives 1-700

The Bite size Japanese Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

100+ Learner and Native Podcasts List

Grammar Explained in Japanese[edit | edit source]

日本語の森 — Nihongo no Mori Video_camera_icon_svg

3本塾 — Sanbon Juku Video_camera_icon_svg

Writing System[edit | edit source]

Learn Hiragana — Tofugu

Learn Katakana — Tofugu

Hiragana and Katakana Practice

Learn to Recognize Kanji by Learning Words — Core 2.3k Anki Deck

Native Content[edit | edit source]

Recommendation Sites[edit | edit source]

Game Hongo Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project Video_camera_icon_svg

Learn Natively Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project Video_camera_icon_svg

Native Content[edit | edit source]

Bon Bon Akademie (ボンボンアカデミー) Video_camera_icon_svg

Film&Clips Japanese 日本語版フル動画 Video_camera_icon_svg

mkのゲーム実況ch — mk's video game let's play channel Video_camera_icon_svg

ペッパピッグ ー Peppa Pig Video_camera_icon_svg

ポンポンポロロ - Pororo Video_camera_icon_svg