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Comprehensible Input Resources[edit | edit source]

Japanese/Library Video_camera_icon_svg

Video[edit | edit source]

あかね的日本語教室 — Akane's Japanese Classroom Video_camera_icon_svg

Comprehensible Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Daily Japanese with Naoko Video_camera_icon_svg

いろいろな日本語 — Iroirona Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese Immersion with Asami Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese Tomato Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese with Shun Video_camera_icon_svg

Kiraku Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Nihongo-Learning Video_camera_icon_svg

Onomappu Video_camera_icon_svg

Satou's Nihongo Playground Video_camera_icon_svg

Simple Japanese Listening with Meg-めぐ-Smile Video_camera_icon_svg

Text[edit | edit source]

DrDru's main experiment Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Learn Natively Graded Reader List Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Sakura Tadoku Lab Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Satori Reader Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Tadoku Free Books Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Yomujp Nihongo Tadoku Dojo Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Audio[edit | edit source]

Japanese with Shun

Learn Japanese with Noriko Video_camera_icon_svg

Nihongo con Teppei — Essential Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary in Use

Nihongo con Teppei — Japanese Podcast for beginners

Nihongo con Teppei — Intermediate Original Archives 1-700

The Bite size Japanese Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

100+ Learner and Native Podcasts List

Grammar Explained in Japanese[edit | edit source]

日本語の森 — Nihongo no Mori Video_camera_icon_svg

3本塾 — Sanbon Juku Video_camera_icon_svg

Writing System[edit | edit source]

Learn Hiragana — Tofugu

Learn Katakana — Tofugu

Learn to Recognize Kanji by Learning Words — Core 2.3k Anki Deck

Native Content[edit | edit source]

Recommendation Sites[edit | edit source]

Game Hongo Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project Video_camera_icon_svg

Learn Natively Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project Video_camera_icon_svg

Native Content[edit | edit source]

Bon Bon Akademie (ボンボンアカデミー) Video_camera_icon_svg

Film&Clips Japanese 日本語版フル動画 Video_camera_icon_svg

mkのゲーム実況ch — mk's video game let's play channel Video_camera_icon_svg

ペッパピッグ ー Peppa Pig Video_camera_icon_svg

ポンポンポロロ - Pororo Video_camera_icon_svg