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Spanish, specifically Castilian Spanish, is the official language of Spain and is also significantly used in many countries across Latin America, as well as in Equatorial Guinea and the United Nations. It is the second most spoken language in the world by the number of native speakers, with over 460 million native speakers. Additionally, it serves as a crucial language in the United States, where it is the second most commonly spoken language.

Spanish is renowned for its rich literary heritage, influential role in global culture, and widespread use in international communication, business, and diplomacy. As a Romance language, it evolved from Latin, integrating various influences over the centuries, including Arabic, due to the historical presence of the Moors in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Comprehensible Input Resources[edit | edit source]

Spanish/Library Video_camera_icon_svg

Destinos - An Introduction to Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg[1]

31 Minutos Video_camera_icon_svg puppet show intermediate-advance

Academia Play Video_camera_icon_svg

Adriana Ramírez - Teaching Spanish with Stories Video_camera_icon_svg

Alegre Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Ana la Mexicana Video_camera_icon_svg

Andalusian Spanish To Go

Aprende Español con Tangerine Academy Video_camera_icon_svg

Aprende México


¡Arte y más! Video_camera_icon_svg

Lengua Española: Comprensión - Ayan Academy Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Bilingual News in Spanish

Blanca to Go


Charlas Hispanas

Chill Spanish Listening Practice

Clases con Clau Video_camera_icon_svg

Conversations in Spanish (& other languages)


Destinos Video_camera_icon_svg education television programming

Dominican Spanish 101

Doorway to Mexico

Dreaming Spanish (Youtube Channel) Video_camera_icon_svg

Easy Argentine Spanish

Easy Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Easy Spanish Podcast

Erre que ELE

Español a la Mexicana

Español Coloquial y Tal

Español con Ali Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Guada Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Juan Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con María Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Michelle B Video_camera_icon_svg

Español Mexican Wey

Español para Extranjeros

Español Para Vos

Español Sí Video_camera_icon_svg

Españolistas Video_camera_icon_svg

Extra en Español Video_camera_icon_svg education television programming

Fabulaudit Video_camera_icon_svg

StoryLearning Spanish (new home of Fabulaudit) Video_camera_icon_svg

Film&Clips Pelicula Completa Video_camera_icon_svg

Fluent Spanish Express

Hablamos Español Video_camera_icon_svg education television programming

HandySpanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Help Me Learn Spanish Joel

Hola Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

How to Spanish Lessons and Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

Hoy Hablamos

Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Intermediate Spanish Stories

Linguriosa Video_camera_icon_svg

LanguaTalk Slow Spanish podcast

Las vacas naranjas Video_camera_icon_svg kids tv show

Learn Spanish and Go

Learn Spanish with Lengura Video_camera_icon_svgBook_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Mexican Fluency Podcast


MÓDULO Series Video_camera_icon_svg education tv program 1-3(year 1) 4-6(year 2) 7-8(year 3)

Mucho Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Muzzy in Gondoland Video_camera_icon_svg education television programming

Natural Languages Video_camera_icon_svg

No Hay Tos

Notes in Spanish

Organic Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Poly-glot-a-lot Video_camera_icon_svg

Profe de Español Video_camera_icon_svg

¡Qué pasa! Podcast en español

Salsa Video_camera_icon_svg education television programming

Sarah Kelso Video_camera_icon_svg

Se Habla Español

Sí Comprendo

Slow Dominican Spanish

Small Town Spanish Teacher - Simple Stories in Spanish

Smile and Learn - Español Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish After Hours Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Colombiano

Spanish Gitana Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Input Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Language Coach (Cesar)

Spanish Like a Pro! Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Playground Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Short Stories. Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Stories Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Spanish with Alma Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with AndreaVideo_camera_icon_svg

Spanish With Antonio Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with Josy Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with Vicente Video_camera_icon_svg

Speak Like a Mexican Video_camera_icon_svg

The Pocket Spanish Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

The Spanish on the Road

Tu escuela de espanol Video_camera_icon_svg

Un Dia en Español (Babbel)

Unlimited Spanish with Oscar

Use your Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Venture Out Spanish

Vikidia Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Why Not Spanish? Video_camera_icon_svg

Yourspanishguide Video_camera_icon_svg

Zeta lingua Video_camera_icon_svg

School text books by grade level from 1 to 6 from Mexico. Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Kids Shows[edit | edit source]

Bluey Video_camera_icon_svg

Camaleón y las naturales ciencias Video_camera_icon_svg

Daniel Tigre en Español Video_camera_icon_svg

David el Gnomo Video_camera_icon_svg

Peppa Pig Video_camera_icon_svg

Jorge el Curioso Video_camera_icon_svg

Native Content[edit | edit source]

Analizando HumanosVideo_camera_icon_svg

Tiranos TembladVideo_camera_icon_svg

Other[edit | edit source]

Guide For Shows To Watch Using Dreaming Spanish

Guide on how to use Destinos for learning spanish