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Swedish, specifically Standard Swedish (or Rikssvenska), is the official language of Sweden and is also one of the official languages of Finland. It is spoken by about 10 million people, making it the most widely spoken North Germanic language. Swedish is known for its melodic intonation and relatively simple grammar compared to other Germanic languages.

Swedish has a rich literary tradition and plays a significant role in the cultural identity of Sweden. The language is closely related to Norwegian and Danish, with which it shares a high degree of mutual intelligibility. This relationship allows for easy communication and cultural exchange among the Scandinavian countries.

As a member of the North Germanic language group, Swedish has evolved from Old Norse, incorporating influences from Low German, French, and English over the centuries. Its phonetic system includes distinct vowel sounds and the use of pitch accent to differentiate word meanings.

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Comprehensible Input Resources[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

Absolute Beginner[edit | edit source]

Agaton Linguistics - Slow Swedish Video_camera_icon_svg: Long pauses between words and visual aids.

Learneasyswedish Video_camera_icon_svg: Simple language with pauses between each word. Dual subtitles.

Mat, köket, matord (Svenska med Marie) Video_camera_icon_svg: Food/kitchen/cooking vocabulary playlist.

SVENSKA FÖR ALLA Video_camera_icon_svg: Short videos with visual aids.

Other[edit | edit source]

Akelius Språkkurs svenskaVideo_camera_icon_svg

Cartoon Network - Whole Episodes Video_camera_icon_svg: Official playlist with full episodes of CN shows dubbed in Swedish.

Learn Swedish with Paula Video_camera_icon_svg

Lätt Svenska Med Oskar Video_camera_icon_svg: Youtube channel with different content from the podcast of the same name.

Nyheter på lätt svenska Video_camera_icon_svg: SVT's news in easy Swedish.

Slow Swedish with Katrin Berndt Video_camera_icon_svg: Clearly spoken at a variety of speeds, usually with visual aids.

Slow Swedish with Subtitles (The Swedish Lad) Video_camera_icon_svg: Vlogs and monologues for intermediate learners.

SVT Barn Video_camera_icon_svg: Sweden's public TV for children. More content accessible from a Swedish IP address.

UR Play Video_camera_icon_svg: Publicly funded educational content.

Vardag med Marie! Video_camera_icon_svg: Short vlogs for learners.

Vi ses vi hörs Video_camera_icon_svg: A course of videos where a fictional learner of Swedish encounters different situations.

Audio[edit | edit source]

Morgonstund : Easy Swedish podcast with clear pronunciation.

Radio Sweden på lätt svenska

Short Stories in Swedish for Beginners

Simple Swedish Podcast : Intermediate podcast made for learners. Occasional English translations.

Sveriges Radio: 3-8 years old : Public radio programs for kids age 3-8.

Sveriges Radio: 9-13 years old : Public radio programs for kids age 9-13.

Swedish podcast for beginners (Lätt svenska med Oskar) : Easy Swedish podcast with 250+ short episodes. Occasional English translations.

Text[edit | edit source]

Swedish Short Stories for Beginners Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project