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I learned something new from my student. (Advanced Beginner Cantonese)IntermediateComprehensible Cantonese
Night Market (Advanced Beginner Cantonese)IntermediateComprehensible Cantonese
Manga 四葉妹妹 ep.36 Bicycle 單車 Intermediate Comprehensible CantoneseIntermediateManki Cantonese
Story 鱷魚定木頭 Crocodile or Wood? - Absolute Beginner Comprehensible CantoneseBeginnerManki Cantonese
Comprehensible Cantonese read a book: King of Potato Part 1 (Intermediate)No Difficulty Set YetManki Cantonese
Comprehensible Cantonese Story: Rex wants a dog (Absolute Beginner)BeginnerManki Cantonese
Comprehensible Cantonese Diary: My friend Wai gave me advice about cameraIntermediateManki Cantonese
Comprehensible Cantonese Read a Book: I don't want to be a squirrel anymore! 我唔想做松鼠喇!(intermediate)IntermediateManki Cantonese
Comprehensible Cantonese little love story: Tony and Carmen (Absolute Beginner)BeginnerManki Cantonese
Storybook: 糖果屋 Hänsel and Gretel - Intermediate Comprehensible CantoneseIntermediateManki Cantonese
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