Comprehensible Chinese

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Screenshot of teacher using gestures in a video that also has pictures and text onscreen.
Screenshot from low-intermediate video The Grumpy Chinese Driver

Comprehensible Chinese is a comprehensible input Youtube channel for Chinese. It has over ninety videos that range from beginner to high intermediate level.

The channel primarily features the teacher telling short stories or explaining Chinese culture in slow, clear Chinese, while using hand gestures, physical props, and onscreen images to help the learner understand the meanings of words. Many of the videos are about light-hearted topics such as humorous stories, or the teacher's likes and dislikes.

The videos occasionally feature text onscreen that provide English translations for new or advanced vocabulary. Some videos have subtitles in Chinese characters which can be toggled on or off.

The beginner videos contain enough visual clues that absolute beginners will have some idea of the meaning for a significant portion of the content, but they still might not be easy to fully follow for someone who has absolutely no experience in Chinese or a similar language. For those with some experience, the channel features a fairly large amount of useful and interesting comprehensible content.

A beginner video from Comprehensible Chinese

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