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Language,Title,Video ID,Service,Level,Channel,Index g,msj,m,m,mdsf3223ds,m,y Ukrainian,"Comprehensible Ukrainian: Let's Play a Game ""Find a Character""",NyS4yOUMiVM,Youtube,Beginner,VERBA,1 Mandarin Chinese,L01| Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | Self-introduction in Chinese | my mum and my boyfriend,_CmzfhsCYrA,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,2 Mandarin Chinese,L02 | Comprehensible Input Chinese|TPRS|food in Chinese|slow clear Chinese story | what should I eat,z3ijgMq4T40,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,3 Mandarin Chinese,L03 | Comprehensible Input Chinese|TPRS|slow clear Chinese story | the burger story |food in Chinese,fFZy5V2xfXA,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,4 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | slow clear Chinese story | weekly routine | workout,5JEoEgDXwzM,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,5 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner Chinese | My daily routine | napping in China | Comprehensible input | TPRS | Slow Chinese,wBfyS-w3xkQ,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,6 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner | My hobbies|Karaoke Singing Playing piano Reading Yoga In Chinese | Comprehensible input,o2k4MYT2ycI,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,7 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner|The Very Hungry Caterpillar | 很饿的毛毛虫|Picture book with comprehensible input+TPRS,lLHHU_EQHzs,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,8 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner | I Received A Weird Phone Call | Student Story | Comprehensible Chinese | TPRS,UcfDsU2ArnI,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,9 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner | Guess the Weird Cat | Comprehensible Chinese | TPRS | Slow Clear Chinese story | Cats,JFLSlsfeFgc,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,10 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner | When You Have An Annoying Friend | Panda bamboo | TPRS | Movie Talk,Qjxvkr0RP5c,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,11 Mandarin Chinese,Beginner|Calendar Talk in Chinese|the day of the week | date | activities | comprehensible Chinese,OJp-ntD8dFE,Youtube,Beginner,Comprehensible Chinese,12 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate Low | The Coffee Story | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | Slow Clear Chinese Story,96YxpxwvIz4,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,13 Mandarin Chinese,Low intermediate | The bok choi story | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | Slow Clear Chinese,np0EEuRs6Wg,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,14 Mandarin Chinese,Low intermediate | The Grumpy Chinese Driver | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | Slow Chinese,qOFSoC9rEeo,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,15 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | Comprehensible input|Chinese grammar/structure 是...的/ | Picture talk|TPRS,fd_x-UQQO3Q,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,16 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate |Why guizhou people like sour flavour|Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS,IHAq1C1um9g,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,17 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | Why Anhui people eat stinky fish | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS |,4kXquNSQBHE,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,18 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate Low|the differences between North & South in China | survive a cold winter |CI | TPRS,8zYx-Ldh7QA,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,19 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | Mid-autumn festival story with Comprehensible input & TPRS | clear slow Chinese,lbPu-Od6Lpo,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,20 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate low | Blind men describing an elephant | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS,EAmuQMqQslk,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,21 Mandarin Chinese,When names in Chinese make perfect sense | Comprehensible Input | clear slow Chinese,3y24uUnjMFE,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,22 Mandarin Chinese,How to make Chinese risotto | 中国咸饭 | Comprehensible input cooking video | Slow Chinese,bX-13L203xU,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,23 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | 世界上没有龙 | There is no such thing as a dragon | comprehensible input | TPRS,YtgOZz7qgdM,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,24 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate|When Chinese makes no sense|Funny ridiculous Chinese words|Comprehensible Input,t0zjsr7pUbQ,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,25 Mandarin Chinese,"Low Intermediate-Chinese Story: ""The farmer who waits for rabbits"" 守株待兔Comprehensible Input/TPRS",eNQeImi7fdU,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,26 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate-the fashions that HURT MY EYES|comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | fashion,F72Lo49sCf4,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,27 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate|Is Eating Alone SAD🥺 or AMAZING😄? |Comprehensible Input Chinese |TPRS,_p_9AjFyUPs,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,28 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate Low | Who is the man with 5 quirky habits | Comprehensible Input Chinese | TPRS,KuWFxM5R2uo,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,29 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | A Bizarre Story On The Train | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS,Zm9ephvzPXY,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,30 Mandarin Chinese,"How and When to Use ""着(zhe)"" | Differences between 在 and 着 |Explained and Demonstrated in Chinese",alS-OyQGaJQ,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,31 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | What I like and dislike | Comprehensible input | Food In Chinese | Slow Chinese,pxZLtmUE0q8,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,32 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | If You Give A Mouse A Cookie | Use when/after in Chinese | Slow Clear Story,rzGVztIbR9Q,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,33 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | Three Horror Stories | Weird food in China | Comprehensible Input | TPRS,yF_Fxb-qy5E,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,34 Mandarin Chinese,"Low Intermediate | A Simple Tongue Twister:""Old Lady Sells Melons"" | Comprehensible Input | TPRS",2-jbfT29-No,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,35 Mandarin Chinese,Low Intermediate | Weird Ingredients In Chinese Supermarkets | Comprehensible Chinese | TPRS,GBI3_xId50s,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,36 Mandarin Chinese,"Low Intermediate | Try Snacks In 7-11 Thailand | Snacks, Sweets and Drinks | Comprehensible Input",whQ9amvH0v0,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,37 Mandarin Chinese,Some clips in Thailand...,g-fr3p7ZUMk,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,38 Mandarin Chinese,Low intermediate | when you think winter-melons are like watermelons | comprehensible input | TPRS,Z0KMwy-OrJg,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,39 Mandarin Chinese,经典中文儿歌:拔萝卜 Classic Chinese song: pulling the radish | comprehensible input Chinese/TPRS,g_KARRWQ2Xo,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,40 Mandarin Chinese,10 Types of ghosts in Chinese | Comprehensible input Chinese | fun words in Chinese,IRA5LD5of1Y,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,41 Mandarin Chinese,I changed my mind about British food | Comprehensible Input | TPRS | food in Chinese,l0wVyqXpIug,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,42 Mandarin Chinese,How to weigh a huge elephant 曹冲称象 | classic Chinese story explained with simple Chinese | CI/TPRS,Gmmm7RNLnNw,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,43 Mandarin Chinese,"New year resolutions, not so new... | Comprehensible Input Chinese | new plans in Chhinese",J9ioBekPJ5o,Youtube,Low Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,44 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate Chinese story with comprehensible input: I was told to use make up | Clear Slow Chinese,Ll7mKHIq1KA,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,45 Mandarin Chinese,"High Intermediate | Under ONE CHILD POLICY, I am the 6th kid | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS",duNqXP-s5SM,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,46 Mandarin Chinese,High Intermediate | Luckily I was sent away| My adoption story | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS,xntRceTBzLE,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,47 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate High | The story of Jinxing(金星的故事) | Comprehensible Input Slow Clear Chinese story,i2QoemZ7cLo,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,48 Mandarin Chinese,"Intermediate High | the most famous Chinese poem: Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossom BY HAIZI | CI",SttSBL9pDOE,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,49 Mandarin Chinese,High Intermediate| Why My High School Life Was A NIGHTMARE| Comprehensible input|TPRS|Chinese school,FdjC5XXxvL4,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,50 Mandarin Chinese,High Intermediate|Learn Chinese through movies |非诚勿扰 离婚片段|Comprehensible Input,a60APcq6HoM,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,51 Mandarin Chinese,[ENG/CHI SUB]|the FOUR mistakes I made learning a language | How to learn languages | Comprehensible,sJJoxQ6WJio,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,52 Mandarin Chinese,High Intermediate | How Chinese people react to three-child policy | Comprehensible Input | TPRS,YFaayAWOWj4,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,53 Mandarin Chinese,"An unusual poet in China, people call her a sl*t/余秀华的故事/穿过大半个中国去睡你/comprehensible Chinese/TPRS",T9Olssrj01Y,Youtube,High Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,54 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | The story of 马马虎虎(mamahuhu)Comprehensible Input Slow Clear Chinese story|Idiom,Ya7c7cmy3pM,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,55 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | Carry the Donkey | Slow clear Chinese with comprehensible input and TPRS,k0ooMn5vnY8,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,56 Mandarin Chinese,10 strange things Chinese people do | Comprehensible Input Chinese cultures | face bikini,pey8BhWnP28,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,57 Mandarin Chinese,9 Interesting Finds about Australia-Chinese perspective | Comprehensible Input Chinese | Aussie life,CKtIlrrjXEE,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,58 Mandarin Chinese,China has more noodle types than you thought! |Comprehensible input Chinese |Chinese food,dEE1fHCHZDE,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,59 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate|TOP service in China is in the hotpot restaurants called: Haidilao|comprehensible input,6dDJ2wW9isw,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,60 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | What are the Chinese New Year Traditions| Chinese cultures | Comprehensible input,PIiBh2sz9U4,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,61 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate| Movie Talk | Plastic surgery 整容 | Comprehensible Input | TPRS | Body parts in Chinese,SIGNFbZs_yU,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,62 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate|Differences between Sydney and Beijing| comprehensible input Chinese | Australia life,wx2LY2oAWd8,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,63 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | When trying out new and weird food | “Brainwash” your mouth🤔|Comprehensible Chinese,K5kuz1fNMa8,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,64 Mandarin Chinese,"Intermediate|TABOOS in Chinese culture, some are ridiculous | Comprehensible Input | TPRS",ofdwZNFke7k,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,65 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | Why Wearing Green Hats Is A Taboo In China | Comprehensible Input | TPRS | Cultures,nSZn2-nWD3I,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,66 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | I Rarely Buy Things | Comprehensible Input Chinese | TPRS | Slow Clear Chinese,B8z2NYUhRog,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,67 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate|Why Chinese people have weird English names | |Slow Chinese | Comprehensible Input,zXR39uiUf1o,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,68 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | Are you comfortable with yourself? | Comprehensible Input Slow Chinese | TPRS,Zuyx1oXb_No,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,69 Mandarin Chinese,"Intermediate | Is Being Likable That Important | Netflix ""Indian Matchmaking"" Aparna | CI/TPRS",DhMzuMaCECk,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,70 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | The Story Of Lending Money | Comprehensible Input Chinese | TPRS,2qltp84DL-s,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,71 Mandarin Chinese,ENG/CHI subtitles | 9 Facts you might not know about China | Comprehensible Input,XcxcGzQmOE8,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,72 Mandarin Chinese,ENG/CHI | BEST CHINESE BOOK FOR READING EVER(for intermediate and above) | comprehensible input/TPRS,rJnghmEnWLw,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,73 Mandarin Chinese,Couples Q&A: Our first time/ how we manage money 17年情侣的有问必答 (中英字幕打开cc),Yv-YRCTEL04,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,74 Mandarin Chinese,Intermediate | Five weird things about me | Comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS | Chinese stories,qRRBFXb5Lgk,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,75 Mandarin Chinese,[ENG/CHI] I LOVE CHINESE CHARACTERS(sometimes) | Comprehensible Input Chinese | Easy clear Chinese,bbykkMfU0FQ,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,76 Mandarin Chinese,"The story of eating poisonous mushrooms in Yunnan, China | comprehensible input Chinese | TPRS",QKP4Y9Y8wRE,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,77 Mandarin Chinese,I like the Japanese dating show: love is blind | Blind date in Japan | comprehensible Input Chinese,khzvoZ76thg,Youtube,Intermediate,Comprehensible Chinese,78