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These videos will rely heavily on the speakers using visuals (art, gestures, etc.) to help you understand what is being said. The vocabulary and speaking speed will be easy enough for beginners to follow along, and to help you begin to connect the words you are hearing with the concepts being presented visually. If you don't understand 100% of the video, that's all right, as you're still learning from the parts you do understand.

It is recommended by some [1][2] to get a good grasp on understanding spoken language before starting to learn written language, in order to not pick up bad habits with pronunciation caused by guessing at the sounds of the writing. Therefore, you may find it beneficial to cover up any text that is shown in these videos, so that you can focus solely on the sounds you hear.

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Notes[edit source]

  1. "The reason we don’t recommend reading early on is purely because of pronunciation." https://www.dreamingspanish.com/faq
  2. "Learning a new language should always be done without reference to the writing, initially. Because the letters (particularly if based on a similar script system as own, or transcribed to our own script) will in all likelihood signal their usual meanings to us, namely the sounds of our own native language instead of the new language. This will lead to suboptimal perception, suboptimal recognition, and suboptimal imitation of the new details, the situation we call 'foreign accent'." Kjellin, O. (July 2022) Quality Practise Pronunciation With Audacity – The Best Method!