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Now you can help to improve the video library on Comprehensible Input Wiki!

To access, go to Vid Admin.

On that page, click Log In at the top of the page. If you haven't yet made an account on the wiki, you'll need to do so at this point.

Thousands of videos are part of the database, but most have not been enabled to be viewed on the wiki. The videos that are "Unreviewed" still need to be enabled or disabled.

To set options, simply click on the value you want to change. For example, to change from "Unreviewed" to "Enabled", click on the word "Unreviewed".

  • If the video is comprehensible input (see below), select Enabled, otherwise select Disabled.
  • Make sure the language is set as well. The video won't show up on the wiki without a language selection.

Choosing difficulty:

  • Please try to only set the difficulty if the video is in a target language that you are not at all familiar with. It is easy to think that a video is "Super Beginner" if you are familiar with the language, even though an actual beginner would find it much more difficult.
  • Difficulty levels:
    • Super Beginner: A brand new learner can understand all or almost all of what is being said, mainly through visual aids and context.
    • Beginner: A brand new learner can understand most, or more than half.
    • Intermediate: A brand new learner can understand some, or less than half.
    • Advanced: A brand new learner can not understand at all, or only very little.

Is it comprehensible input?

  • The video can be enabled if the content is all, or almost all, in the target language.
  • The video must be below the level of native content. (Slow speaking and/or visual aids)

The database will update immediately after you make a change. There are probably bugs, so if you notice any, please post on Community Portal or email

Future plans:[edit | edit source]

  • "History" page, to make reverting to previous settings on a video easier.
  • Personal libraries, where you can save videos for yourself to make it easy to come back to them.
  • Allow adding new videos and channels to the database.