You Can Chinese

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You Can Chinese is a comprehensible input Youtube channel that starts the learner with the absolute basics of Chinese.

Teacher Meng slowly and clearly uses basic phrases such as "Is this a red shoe? No, this is a red T-shirt," while "pointing" with a mouse cursor to various parts of pictures on the screen. The teacher can be seen speaking and using hand gestures alongside the pictures.

The Absolute Beginner Course playlist is currently the only content on the channel, apart from a playlist of videos that discuss comprehensible input and automatic language growth methods.

The Absolute Beginner Course contains 43 videos, ranging from 5 minutes to 40 minutes long, and is arranged to be watched in order. The second playlist includes a video that introduces the channel and describes how to learn Chinese effectively. The rest of the playlist consists of various videos about comprehensible input from other Youtube channels.

The videos in the course only use spoken Chinese. No text is shown on the screen, and no other languages are spoken. The course is very gentle and slow for absolute beginners, but may be too slow for some.

For those starting completely from scratch in Chinese, You Can Chinese is a good spoken language resource.

The first video in the You Can Chinese course.

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