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This wiki is intended to provide a list of resources for people hoping to learn a language using comprehensible input.

Comprehensible input is the key element for language acquisition: we acquire language when we understand what we hear or read a natural communicative context (A situation like "Teacher holding a pen and asks student what it is" is not communicative). The concept of Comprehensible Input comes from Comprehension-Hypothesis of Stephen Krashen in the field Second Language Acquisition[1]. But it's not invented by Krashen, as he admitted it[2]. Sometimes, comprehensible input is missunderstood as a method. In fact, it's a necessary, if not sufficient, element to acquire language.

Comprehensible input based language learning is characterized by listening to or reading content in the target language, at or slightly above the level where the learner can understand everything that is being said.[3] Ideally, no use of the learner's native language is used or needed. Visual cues, such as pictures or hand gestures, assist the learner in connecting words with their meanings. The focus of the method is on input (listening, reading) rather than output (speaking, writing). Speaking practice can come after the learner is fairly comfortable with understanding what they hear. Likewise for practicing writing after becoming comfortable with reading.

As opposed to more traditional language learning methods (for example grammar study, rote memorization, etc.), comprehensible input closely resembles the natural language learning of children in their native language, and thus may be more effective and efficient for acquiring new languages. It is certainly easier and more fun than most other methods, as the learner is engaging with content that they almost completely understand already.

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  • You can add other relevant information or links on a language page (for example Chinese has information about the language itself). Or create a page that provides details about a resource (for example, see You Can Chinese).
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Just getting started in a language?
Look for the icon next to a link. That means it starts teaching from zero. Not all such beginner links have been labeled with the icon, so you might find more starter resources if you look around.
So, go ahead, browse the site, and enjoy!

To add a new language, type the name of the language below and press Add New Language.

Video_camera_icon_svg - Videos - Audio
Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project - Text - App
- Starts from absolute beginner

Multiple Languages

American Sign Language

Arabic (Standard)



Biblical Greek

Biblical Hebrew





Chinese/Library Video_camera_icon_svg

Acquire Mandarin Video_camera_icon_svg

ALG Mandarin Online on Magic Ship Video_camera_icon_svg

Blabla Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Comprehensible Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Comprehensible Mandarin Video_camera_icon_svg

Diane Neubauer 杜雁子 Chinese learning & teaching Video_camera_icon_svg

Crazie Laoshi Video_camera_icon_svg

Du Chinese Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Easy Mandarin Video_camera_icon_svg

每日中文课Free To Learn Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Hit Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Immersive Chinese Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Jiayun Mandarin Video_camera_icon_svg

learn from zero Video_camera_icon_svg

Learn Mandarin in Mandarin with Huimin

LingLing Mandarin

Little Fox Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Mandarin Click Video_camera_icon_svg

Mandarin Companion

Simply Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Speak Your Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg

Story Learning Chinese with Annie Video_camera_icon_svg

talkin Chinese redred

Terry Waltz Books Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Unconventional Chinese with Keren Video_camera_icon_svg

You Can Chinese 语感中文 Video_camera_icon_svg

Dong Chinese Video_camera_icon_svg Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Comprehensible Input Chinese (CommonsenseChinese) Video_camera_icon_svg

Comprehensible Taiwanese Mandarin Video_camera_icon_svg














Italian/Library Video_camera_icon_svg

Language Transfer

Aurora Arte Video_camera_icon_svg

Buongiorno Italia Video_camera_icon_svg

Easy Italian Video_camera_icon_svg

Easy Italian News Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Easy Italian Podcast

Film&Clips in Italiano Video_camera_icon_svg

Geronimo Stilton Video_camera_icon_svg

Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

The Italian Coach

Italiano Automatico

Italiano Bello Video_camera_icon_svg

Italiano con Amore

Italiano ON-Air

Learn Italian by the Natural Method

Learn Italian with Lucrezia Video_camera_icon_svg

Leggiamo! Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Massimo Polidoro Video_camera_icon_svg

Ménéstrandise Audiolibri

Miss Meeple Video_camera_icon_svg

My Italian Podcast

Pensieri e Parole

Podcast Italiano

Radio Italiano Video_camera_icon_svg

The Teacher Stefano Show

Simple Italian Podcast

Slow Italian, Fast Learning

Smile and Learn - Italiano Video_camera_icon_svg

Sonia Ognibene Books Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Una Storia ItaliAnna

Vikidia Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

TG7 LIS With accurate subtitles and LIS Video_camera_icon_svg

TG7 LIS Sports with accurate subtitles and LIS Video_camera_icon_svg

La Biblioteca di Alessandria Storia e videogame Video_camera_icon_svg

Vanilla Magazine è un progetto di divulgazione storica e culturale. Many have subtitles.Video_camera_icon_svg

Learn Italian with Teacher Stefano Instruction and CI.Video_camera_icon_svg


Japanese/Library Video_camera_icon_svg


あかね的日本語教室 — Akane's Japanese Classroom Video_camera_icon_svg

Chie Nowa Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Comprehensible Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Daily Japanese with Naoko Video_camera_icon_svg

いろいろな日本語 — Iroirona Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese Immersion with Asami Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese Tomato Video_camera_icon_svg

Japanese with Shun Video_camera_icon_svg

Kiraku Japanese Video_camera_icon_svg

Nihongo-Learning Video_camera_icon_svg

Onomappu Video_camera_icon_svg

Satou's Nihongo Playground Video_camera_icon_svg

Simple Japanese Listening with Meg-めぐ-Smile Video_camera_icon_svg


DrDru's main experiment Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Learn Natively Graded Reader List Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Sakura Tadoku Lab Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Satori Reader Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Tadoku Free Books Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Yomujp Nihongo Tadoku Dojo Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project


Japanese with Shun

Learn Japanese with Noriko Video_camera_icon_svg

Nihongo con Teppei — Essential Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary in Use

Nihongo con Teppei — Japanese Podcast for beginners

Nihongo con Teppei — Intermediate Original Archives 1-700

The Bite size Japanese Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

100+ Learner and Native Podcasts List



60 Latin Youtube Channels Organized Video_camera_icon_svg : Amazing and comprehensive but might be overwhelming to sift through for a brand-new beginner. The channels with stars next to their names are most recommended by the list creator.

ScorpioMartianus Video_camera_icon_svg

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata Video_camera_icon_svg Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project : Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana is THE beginner textbook for learners seeking comprehensible input. Audio recordings of the entire book by Luke Ranieri are available on YouTube for free.

Found in Antiquity: Latin Video_camera_icon_svg

Beginner Latin A - Comprehensible Input Video_camera_icon_svg

Beginner Latin B - Comprehensible Input Video_camera_icon_svg

Latinitium Video_camera_icon_svg

Legentibus : An app with lots of meaningful beginner reading material + audio recordings of each. It also has Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana in text and audio form, albeit missing marginalia and illustrations. 10 USD/month.

Magister Craft Video_camera_icon_svg

Satura Lanx Video_camera_icon_svg

Quomodo Dicitur

Learn Latin through Conversations with Caesar - Ayan Academy Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Legonium Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Toda-lly Comprehensible Latin stories Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project: Beginner stories from a Latin teacher using CI.

Dinosaurs Speak Latin Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Novella List - Magister P Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project: Huge list of Latin novellas with sheltered vocabulary. Note that this resource is intended more for teachers than it is for students or self-learners. Also keep in mind that beginner Latin novellas tend to be written by teachers in their spare time, and many contain errors! This shouldn't harm you greatly if you're just starting out and need comprehensible reading material, but it's best not to use these as textbooks, or examples of "proper" or "authentic" Latin, unless you can verify the quality of the text.








Chistiona su sardu Video_camera_icon_svg

In iscolaVideo_camera_icon_svg

In sotziedadeVideo_camera_icon_svg

In domoVideo_camera_icon_svg

Limba e Logos de SardignaBook_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Limba e Contos de SardignaBook_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Sardigna e MediterràneuBook_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Ajò a iscola Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project: learning material designed for Sardinian kindergarten, primary or middle school students.

Gherradores  : strategic game + quiz on Sardinia-related topics.

Iscola Wiz : general knowledge quiz in Sardinian.

Giogus de peraulas : game to practice Sardinian.

Mistèrios de Grogu : science fiction themed game

Sardoo : Taboo-like game for Android e iOS




Spanish/Library Video_camera_icon_svg


Content for Learners

Adriana Ramírez - Teaching Spanish with Stories Video_camera_icon_svg

Alegre Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Ana la Mexicana Video_camera_icon_svg

Aprende Español con Tangerine Academy Video_camera_icon_svg

¡Arte y más! Video_camera_icon_svg

Clases con Clau Video_camera_icon_svg

Dreaming Spanish (Youtube Channel) Video_camera_icon_svg

Easy Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Ali Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Guada Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Juan Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con María Video_camera_icon_svg

Español con Michelle B Video_camera_icon_svg

Español Sí Video_camera_icon_svg

Españolistas Video_camera_icon_svg

Fabulaudit Video_camera_icon_svg

StoryLearning Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

HandySpanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Hola Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Learn Spanish with Lengura Video_camera_icon_svgBook_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Mucho Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Natural Languages Video_camera_icon_svg

Organic Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Poly-glot-a-lot Video_camera_icon_svg

Profe de Español Video_camera_icon_svg

Sarah Kelso Video_camera_icon_svg

Smile and Learn - Español Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish After Hours Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Colombiano

Spanish Gitana Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Input Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Like a Pro! Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Playground Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Short Stories. Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish Stories Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Spanish with Alma Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with AndreaVideo_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with Antonio Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with Josy Video_camera_icon_svg

Spanish with Vicente Video_camera_icon_svg

Speak Like a Mexican Video_camera_icon_svg

Tu escuela de espanol Video_camera_icon_svg

Use your Spanish Video_camera_icon_svg

Why Not Spanish? Video_camera_icon_svg

Yourspanishguide Video_camera_icon_svg

Zeta lingua Video_camera_icon_svg

Educational TV Shows for Learners

Destinos Video_camera_icon_svg

Extra en Español Video_camera_icon_svg

Hablamos Español Video_camera_icon_svg

MÓDULO Series Video_camera_icon_svg

Muzzy in Gondoland Video_camera_icon_svg

Salsa Video_camera_icon_svg

Kid's Shows

31 Minutos Video_camera_icon_svg

Bluey Video_camera_icon_svg

Camaleón y las naturales ciencias Video_camera_icon_svg

Daniel Tigre en Español Video_camera_icon_svg

David el Gnomo Video_camera_icon_svg

Jorge el Curioso Video_camera_icon_svg

Las vacas naranjas Video_camera_icon_svg

Peppa Pig Video_camera_icon_svg


Easier Native Content

Academia Play Video_camera_icon_svg

Analizando HumanosVideo_camera_icon_svg

Linguriosa Video_camera_icon_svg

Luistio CommunicaVideo_camera_icon_svg

Ramilla de AventuraVideo_camera_icon_svg

Tiranos TembladVideo_camera_icon_svg


Andalusian Spanish To Go

Aprende México


Lengua Española: Comprensión - Ayan Academy Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Bilingual News in Spanish

Blanca to Go


Charlas Hispanas

Chill Spanish Listening Practice

Conversations in Spanish


Dominican Spanish 101

Doorway to Mexico

Easy Argentine Spanish

Easy Spanish Podcast

Erre que ELE

Español a la Mexicana

Español Coloquial y Tal

Español Mexican Wey

Español para Extranjeros

Español Para Vos

Fluent Spanish Express

Help Me Learn Spanish Joel

How to Spanish Lessons and Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

Hoy Hablamos

Intermediate Spanish Stories

LanguaTalk Slow Spanish podcast

Learn Spanish and Go

Mexican Fluency Podcast


No Hay Tos

Notes in Spanish

¡Qué pasa! Podcast en español

Se Habla Español

Sí Comprendo

Slow Dominican Spanish

Small Town Spanish Teacher - Simple Stories in Spanish

Spanish Language Coach (Cesar)

The Pocket Spanish Podcast Video_camera_icon_svg

The Spanish on the Road

Un Dia en Español (Babbel)

Unlimited Spanish with Oscar

Venture Out Spanish


Ilya Frank's Reading Method Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Vikidia Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

School textbooks by grade level from 1 to 6 from Mexico. Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project

Video Games

Pedro's Adventures in Spanish




Absolute Beginner

Agaton Linguistics - Slow Swedish Video_camera_icon_svg: Long pauses between words and visual aids.

Learneasyswedish Video_camera_icon_svg: Simple language with pauses between each word. Dual subtitles.

Mat, köket, matord (Svenska med Marie) Video_camera_icon_svg: Food/kitchen/cooking vocabulary playlist.

SVENSKA FÖR ALLA Video_camera_icon_svg: Short videos with visual aids.


Akelius Språkkurs svenskaVideo_camera_icon_svg

Cartoon Network - Whole Episodes Video_camera_icon_svg: Official playlist with full episodes of CN shows dubbed in Swedish.

Learn Swedish with Paula Video_camera_icon_svg

Lätt Svenska Med Oskar Video_camera_icon_svg: Youtube channel with different content from the podcast of the same name.

Nyheter på lätt svenska Video_camera_icon_svg: SVT's news in easy Swedish.

Slow Swedish with Katrin Berndt Video_camera_icon_svg: Clearly spoken at a variety of speeds, usually with visual aids.

Slow Swedish with Subtitles (The Swedish Lad) Video_camera_icon_svg: Vlogs and monologues for intermediate learners.

SVT Barn Video_camera_icon_svg: Sweden's public TV for children. More content accessible from a Swedish IP address.

UR Play Video_camera_icon_svg: Publicly funded educational content.

Vardag med Marie! Video_camera_icon_svg: Short vlogs for learners.

Vi ses vi hörs Video_camera_icon_svg: A course of videos where a fictional learner of Swedish encounters different situations.


Morgonstund : Easy Swedish podcast with clear pronunciation.

Radio Sweden på lätt svenska

Short Stories in Swedish for Beginners

Simple Swedish Podcast : Intermediate podcast made for learners. Occasional English translations.

Sveriges Radio: 3-8 years old : Public radio programs for kids age 3-8.

Sveriges Radio: 9-13 years old : Public radio programs for kids age 9-13.

Swedish podcast for beginners (Lätt svenska med Oskar) : Easy Swedish podcast with 250+ short episodes. Occasional English translations.


Swedish Short Stories for Beginners Book_(21025)_-_The_Noun_Project



Toki Pona

Tunisian Arabic







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